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Here are some internal technology projects of OGC staff and members that evolve at their own pace.


project:OGC Member Map

purpose:create a dynamic, geospatial view of the OGC membership

standards usage: WMS, WFS

URL: http://ogcnetwork.net/membermap


Search, Discovery and Catalogs

The User and the GEOSS Architecture XLIII - Boulder

Workshop Theme: "Sharing Climate Information and Knowledge"

September 23, 2011, Boulder, Colorado, USA:   Workshop Description, Agenda and Summary Report (draft 2011-09-25) are available. The workshop is also mentioned on the IEEE/ICEO website. Workshop was held in conjunction with the OGC Technical Committee and Planning Committee meetings.  

Here are two photos, one from the back of room, and one from front.


Boulder Workshop Chairs:

  • David Arctur, OGC and GEO SIF
  • Ben Domenico, Unidata/UCAR
  • Al Gasiewski, Univ. of Colorado and IEEE
  • Siri Jodha Singh Khalsa, NSIDC, IEEE and GEO SIF
  • Glenn Rutledge, NOAA/NCDC
  • Nate Booth, USGS
  • Stefano Nativi, CNR-IIA
  • Francoise Pearlman, IEEE

Workshop Series Chairs

  • Jay Pearlman, IEEE
  • George Percivall, OGC


"A GetRecords request that omits all optional elements must produce a response containing only a summary of the result set. . . [should p]ass if all of the following conditions are true: (1) the response is schema valid; (2) the csw:SearchResults element is empty.]"

However, according to the spec, if there is no constraint specified, the "[d]efault action is to execute an unconstrained query." If this is the case, then shouldn't the test expect 12 results?



CSW GetCapabilities sections parameter

According to the OWS spec, "Server implementation of the Sections parameter is optional. When a server does not implement this Sections parameter, it shall ignore this parameter if present in a GetCapabilities operation request, and shall return the complete service metadata document."

Why do the CSW compliance tests check for the sections parameter?



CSW describerecord test

Assertion:      The response to a DescribeRecord request that contains an unknown TypeName element must not include any csw:SchemaComponent elements.


Is this correct? I would have thought a <csw:TypeName>csw:DummyRecord</csw:TypeName> would return an invalid parameter exception.


Make a Really Basic Catalog Service for the Web (CSW)

Easy Catalogue Services for the Web

Adapted from chapter 10: HTTP protocol binding of the OpenGIS® Catalogue Services Specification version 2.0.2


-- how-tos on using and developing software that implements OGC standards --

NOTE: See also Courses, Journals, Papers topic on OGCNetwork

2008 OGC Geospatial Search Meeting - background and readings

At the request of the OGC Architecture Board, the OGC hosted a special Geospatial Search Meeting at the Atlanta meetings, September 15, 2008.

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