AIP-6 Plenary meeting notes May 7th

GEOSec Call for Showcases

David Arctur: the Water SBA plans for 2 showcase proposals

  1. SensorWeb,
  2. ModelWeb (with JRC, ECMWF...)

David and Steve Browdy to coordinate for Authentication services

Larry McGovern: the Agriculture SBA plans for a droughts / crops monitoring Showcase

- Use of UAVs- participation of CUASHI

Hervé: the energy SBA also reported good progress and should be on time to submit.

AIP-6 Kickoff

The AIP-6 Kickoff Workshop will be held March 28-29, at NOAA in
Silver Spring MD, USA. The main purposes of workshop are to form the
AIP-6 Working Groups and to agree on plans and initial designs in each

meeting notes 20130205

AIP-5 ER Closing out:

-          Water ER

under final review. Remove old movies from results page

-          Energy ER

99% ready. Waiting for link to modeling & GCI Enhanced



AIP Telecon Notes 20121002

DATE: 2 Oct 2012
TIME: 1400 UTC
This telecon will feature reports on Technical Topics


AIP Telecon Notes 20120807

AIP-5 Schedule

  • GCI/Broker Testing
    • DAB Testing Underway as of June 30,  Intial Testing to be complete in July
  • SBA Scenarios: Sep 1 (Update)
    • Water Scenario - UNEP Live planning to contribute according to Steve B. George will contact Matt A.
  • Client-server testing: Sept.

AIP telecon Notes 20120731

Topis discussed on this day:
  • AIP-5 Schedule
  • New CFP Response
  • SBA Updates 
  • Tech Updates
  • AOB

AIP-5 Schedule
  • GCI/Broker Testing
    • DAB Testing Underway as of June 30,  Intial Testing to be complete in July
    • Perry Peterson reported that PYXIS is working with Mattia for client testing against the broker.
  • Use Cases: July 15 (Draft), Oct 1 (Update)

AIP-5 Telecon 2012-07-24 Notes


Telecon was canceled after 20 minutes - unable to reach GEO Secretariat to start the meeting.

AIP Telecon Notes 20120703

  • Communications for AIP-5
    • E-mail lists - Make sure you subscribe to relevant lists
    • AIP-5 Twiki - Requires registration for editing: See presentation on AIP-5 Twiki
    • There have been no problems identified with communcations for over 3 weeks.  This can be dropped as a agenda item.
  • AIP-5 Schedule

AIP-5 Telecon 2012-06-12 Notes


AIP Telecon 2012-06-05 Notes

This telecon featured Reports on Technical Topics

  • Communications for AIP-5
    • E-mail lists -
      are now established for AIP-5 - Make sure you subscribe to the relevant
      lists as the WG leads are starting to use them for communication

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