Specification documents and files

The WCS suite consists of the following normative documents:

GML 3.2.1 Application Schema for Coverages

This standard, which has been developed jointly by the GML, WCS, and SWE groups, defines OGC's unified coverage model. GML serves both as conceptual model, ensuring a concisely defined semantics, and as one of many possible encoding formats. This way, coverages can be transported across different services, such as WCS, WCPS, WPS, and SOS.

Web Coverage Processing Service (WCPS)


This topic serves for information about and discussion of the WCPS standard; as such, it hosts non-normative material about WCPS. The OpenGIS® Web Coverage Processing Service (WCPS) Interface Standard defines a protocol-independent language for the extraction, processing, and analysis of multi-dimensional gridded coverages representing sensor, image, or statistics data.

Web Coverage Service (WCS)


Note that these pages are not actively maintained any longer. WCS news and background is provided on

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