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GEOSS Future Products Workshop 2013

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POIs - Points of Interest


A "point of interest" is a location about which information is available. A POI can be as simple as a set of coordinates and an identifier, or more complex such as a three dimensional model of a building with names in various languages, information about open and closed hours, and a civic address. POI data has many uses including navigation systems, historical place-based research, geocaching, location-based social networking games, and augmented reality browsers.

GEOSS Sensor Web Workshop 2011

GEOSS Forum XLIV: Sensor Web and Rural Communications

Use of Sensor Networks  and Communications Technologies in Earth Observations and Rural Communities: From Wireless Sensor Networks to Sensor Web


Sensor Web Enablement White Papers, Cookbooks, and Reference Papers

The following references provide architecture documents and "how-to" articles for the Sensor Web Enablement (SWE) framework.

White Papers

Sensor Web Enablement: Overview and High-Level Architecture (OGC 07-165)

Projects implementing SWE


Sensor Web Enablement (SWE) technology is being applied by both large and small institutions throughout the world. This page contains references to some of these projects.

Sensor Web Enablement Presentations and Videos

This page provide links to various Powerpoint presentations, as well as video related to Sensor Web enablement (SWE).


SWE Introduction - Short overview of Sensor Web Enablement (presented at the beginning of each OGC SWE-SWG meeting)

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