GML Java parsing

Hello. I'm starting a simple project (a GML minimal parser in Java, under LGPL), i have worked on several OGC catalogue projects and my focus was often on GML -> WKT conversion. I have found a lot of help on your site, and i hope to be able to (partly) give back.

Attempts to implement Sensor Planning Service v2 Web Services client using Java and JaxWS (wsimport, JaxB)

Hi all I’m attempting to update our planning software to support an OGC Sensor Planning web services interface (v2.0). Using Java and Jax-WS it is, in theory, straightforward to get started by doing this “contract-first”: what you do is take the wsdl and run it through wsimport which will generate all the various Java JaxB code artifacts and a Service Endpoint Interface which you can just go ahead and implement. 

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