AIP Telecon

16 sep 2014

16 September – AIP plenary


On the call: Ben Burford, David Arctur, Eugene Yu, Lucia
Lovison, Steve Browdy, self


Technical topics:


COBWEB (Bart to complete)

FOODIE (Bart to complete)


Steve Browdy (from Data Sharing WG):

Finishing doc (on SSO) this week


AIP-4 Telecon 2011-08-02 Minutes

  • Sprint to Plenary updates
    • Activity #2 team formulated questions to StP team addressing communication aspects between clients launched from the Geo Web Portal:
      • Access protocol and data formats combinations 
      • Launch mechanism for clients 
        • StP IT does not have any plans to address this aspect 
        • Helper apps/clients are registered at the CSR as components to facilitate discovery
        • List of resource categories shall include helper apps/clients

AIP Telecon 2011/06/14


AIP Telecon 2011/06/07

Agenda & Discussions

AIP Telecon 2011/05/31


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