2013 Redlands Technical Committee meeting consolidated agenda

The consolidated agenda for the OGC Technical and Planning Committee meetings can be downloaded from:


Sponsored and hosted by Esri, the meetings were held in Redlands California the week of January 13.

2012 June Exeter Technical Committee meeting motions and actions

Motions and Actions from the 83rd
OGC Technical and Planning Committee meetings, Exeter UK, June 18-23.

Sponsored and Hosted by
the UK Met Office



Congratulations to the GeoSPARQL SWG

GeoSPARQL was approved as an official OGC standard on May
15, 2012. Therefore:

2011 Boulder Technical Committee meeting votes and motions

Many of the document motions referenced in this summary
document are related to work performed in the OGC Web Services 8
Interoperability Testbed. OWS testbeds are part of OGC's Interoperability Program, a global,
hands-on and collaborative prototyping program designed to rapidly develop,
test and deliver proven candidate standards or revisions to existing standards
into OGC's Standards Program, where they are formalized for public release. In
OGC's Interoperability Initiatives, international teams of technology providers

2011 Brussels Technical Committee Meetings Votes and motions.

Thanks to PUCK Standards Working Group

The Members thank and congratulate the PUCK SWG, theSubmission Team, and the editor Tom O'Reilly for PUCK 1.0 being approved as anofficial OGC standard!

Informative: KML 2.3 Standards Working Group formed

Startup Meeting approves the nomination of David Burggrafas Chair of the KML 2.3 SWG

Motion: OWS-8 Overview report

The OGC Members unanimously approved release of the OWS-8 Summary Engineering Report [11-139r2] as an OGC Public Engineering Report.

2012 Austin Technical Committee Consolidated Agenda


Motions from the 80th OGC Technical and Planning Committee

Sponsored and Hosted by the University of Texas, Austin

AgroXML - Standardized, Platform-Independent Internet Data Exchange in Farm Management Information Systems

agroXML is a standardized language for data exchange in agriculture. It is based on the eXtensible Markup Language (XML) using XML Schema as its definition language. agroXML is used to submit data from farm management information systems to external partners, like e. g. product processing industries in the food supply chain or agricultural service providers. In addition, data about operating supplies like fertilizers or pesticides can be made available to the farmer by their respective suppliers. GML is used to encode all location elements in agroXML.

WOML - Weather Objects Modelling Language

The primary goal of WOML is to define meteorological phenomena or other objects in a semantically meaningful way by using GML Feature model as the basis of the language. This is fundamentally different modelling decision compared to more data-oriented feature models, like Climate Science Modelling Language (CSML). Development for a GML Application Schema for Meteorological Objects, like weather fronts, rain areas and such, was started at Finnish Meteological Institute in autumn 2008.

Flight Information eXchange Model (FIXM)

The Flight Information eXchange Model (FIXM) is a data interchange
format for sharing information about flights throughout their lifecycle.
FIXM is part of a family of technology independent, harmonized and
interoperable information exchange models designed to cover the
information needs of Air Traffic Management.

FIXM is developed in close cooperation with all the
stakeholders. This website is designed to be a nexus of information and a
sounding board for all interested parties.

WXXM - Weather Information Exchange Model

WXXM is the proposed standard for the exchange of aeronautical weather information in the context of a net-centric and global interoperable Air Transport System (ATS).The first public release of WXXM occurred in May 2007. WXXM 1.1 became available in March 2009 and incorporates modifications to earlier versions based on stakeholder input and intensified FAA-EUROCONTROL cooperation on a harmonized pan-Atlantic approach towards Weather Information Modeling.


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