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A Community Portal is “a community-focused portal (website) that provides a human user interface to content that may be accessed from distributed resources.”  This page describes the GEO actvity to develop recommendations for Community Portals.   The aim is to increase the content available to a Community Portal by accessing the GEOSS Information System.

AIP-6 Kickoff

The AIP-6 Kickoff Workshop will be held March 28-29, at NOAA in
Silver Spring MD, USA. The main purposes of workshop are to form the
AIP-6 Working Groups and to agree on plans and initial designs in each

meeting notes 20130205

AIP-5 ER Closing out:

-          Water ER

under final review. Remove old movies from results page

-          Energy ER

99% ready. Waiting for link to modeling & GCI Enhanced



GEOSS Future Products Workshop 2013

Workshop Sponsors




AIP Telecon Notes 20121002

DATE: 2 Oct 2012
TIME: 1400 UTC
This telecon will feature reports on Technical Topics


AIP Telecon Notes 20120807

AIP-5 Schedule

  • GCI/Broker Testing
    • DAB Testing Underway as of June 30,  Intial Testing to be complete in July
  • SBA Scenarios: Sep 1 (Update)
    • Water Scenario - UNEP Live planning to contribute according to Steve B. George will contact Matt A.
  • Client-server testing: Sept.

AIP telecon Notes 20120731

Topis discussed on this day:
  • AIP-5 Schedule
  • New CFP Response
  • SBA Updates 
  • Tech Updates
  • AOB

AIP-5 Schedule
  • GCI/Broker Testing
    • DAB Testing Underway as of June 30,  Intial Testing to be complete in July
    • Perry Peterson reported that PYXIS is working with Mattia for client testing against the broker.
  • Use Cases: July 15 (Draft), Oct 1 (Update)

AIP-5 Telecon 2012-07-24 Notes


Telecon was canceled after 20 minutes - unable to reach GEO Secretariat to start the meeting.

AIP Telecon Notes 20120703

  • Communications for AIP-5
    • E-mail lists - Make sure you subscribe to relevant lists
    • AIP-5 Twiki - Requires registration for editing: See presentation on AIP-5 Twiki
    • There have been no problems identified with communcations for over 3 weeks.  This can be dropped as a agenda item.
  • AIP-5 Schedule

AIP-5 Telecon 2012-06-12 Notes


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