WMS GetMapRequest with no BGColor


We are trying to run compliance test for WMS. Our four test are still failing and would like to seek your help on the same. Here is the log for the test.

Test wms:wmsops-getmap-params-bgcolor-1 type Mandatory default result Passed (s0028/d1e1515_1)

membermap screenshot

membermap screenshot

OGC Labs

Here are some internal technology projects of OGC staff and members that evolve at their own pace.


project:OGC Member Map

purpose:create a dynamic, geospatial view of the OGC membership

standards usage: WMS, WFS

URL: http://ogcnetwork.net/membermap


Geospatial Business Intelligence (GeoBI) DWG

The GeoBI DWG has published an initial white paper, but it is now time to take the process forward and determine what action to take. This is an interesting period in the development of the web and there are opportunities for organisations to pull data from a variety of sources to add understanding to their business operations. Governments are

OpenGISessentals Book series

OpenGISessentials is the name of a series of books edited by Alexander Zipf, Jens Fitzke and Christine Andrae and published by Wichmann.

The books present and explain specification details in easily-read german language, they are richly illustrated and aim at a better knowledge of OGC standards.

Web Mapping Services Profile for Earth Observation Products

This Best Practice defines conventions for the Earth Observation (EO) community to use OGC Web Services. The objective of this work is to define how data providers can apply OGC Web Service standards in a “standard” way to ensure that the inventory level visualisation of EO data is carried out in a truly interoperable way.

Getting Started with WMS Image and Map Sources

GlobeXplorer provides this nice overview of various vendors' WMS image and map sources: Getting Started With WMS

Map of OGC Members, using Web Mapping Service

members OGC Corporate members
member quotes OGC Website Quotation
  Click on a yellow dot or red star to see the OGC member names


-- how-tos on using and developing software that implements OGC standards --

NOTE: See also Courses, Journals, Papers topic on OGCNetwork

GeoSciML - GeoScience Markup Language

GeoSciML or Geoscience Markup Language is a GML Application Schema that can be used to support interoperability of geologic information served from Geologic Surveys and other data custodians. The emphasis is on "interpreted geology" information that is conventionally portrayed on geologic maps.

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