Supplementary material

This page lists supplementary material designed to inform about WCS and assist in its use.

All material provided here is non-normative. These copyrighted materials are available as-is. All copyright and use restriction notices contained in such materials must remain on the materials when so used.

See the Presentation list on this OGC Networks, in particular:

WCS implementations and services

We classify offerings into "client" (software), "server" (software), and "service".Note that the list below is not authoritative (the page maintainers do not regularly check the links) and does not constitute any endorsement nor a statement of OGC nor anybody else about conformance. Information is provided as is, without any warranty.

Specification documents and files

The WCS suite consists of the following normative documents:

Web Coverage Service (WCS)


Note that these pages are not actively maintained any longer. WCS news and background is provided on

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