Geospatial Business Intelligence (GeoBI) DWG

The GeoBI DWG has published an initial white paper, but it is now time to take the process forward and determine what action to take. This is an interesting period in the development of the web and there are opportunities for organisations to pull data from a variety of sources to add understanding to their business operations. Governments are

SLD for WFS?

Hi all,


is there a standard/specification/possibility to apply a default style on wfs features like the SLD for WMS? I know that the style definition for wfs features could be done on the client side, but I'd like to deliver my wfs features with a certain default style.


Thanks in advance.


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Information and Data Models

OGC Schema Repositories

OGC develops many information models, usually in the form of XML Schema documents. The general process for disseminating a model is to publish a specification (or standard) document, and publish the XML schema to a schema repository. Based upon the status of specification or documentation, the schemas will be posted to one of several repositories.

This site provides links to those resources and also offers a place to collaboratively develop new profiles.

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