Sensor Web Enablement




Sensor Web Enablement (SWE)  is a suite of standard encodings and web services that enable:

  • Discovery of sensors, processes, and observations
  • Tasking of sensors or models
  • Access to observations and observation streams
  • Publish-subscribe capabilities for alerts
  • Robust sensor system and process descriptions

This is the home page for the OGC Sensor Web Enablement user pages. From here you should be able to access additional information on SWE in the form of tutorials and cookbooks, examples and best practices, lists of example applications, listing of SWE-related events, links to open-source and commercial software supporting SWE, and links to additional web sites supporting SWE.

General Links

White Papers, Cookbooks,Tutorials, and Published Papers - SWE architecture and training documents; published papers referencing SWE

Presentations and Videos - Overview presentations and demonstration videos

Reference Projects - example projects and applications implementing SWE standards

Software - open source and other development activities providing SWE tools

SWE Mail Lists - various SWE-related mail lists

SWE Links - Other SWE-related links

Encoding Specifications 

SWE Common - common data models and schema

SensorML - models and schema for sensor systems and processes surrounding measurements

Observations & Measurements (O&M) - models and schema for packaging observation values

Transducer Markup Language (TML) - models and schema for multiplexed data from sensor systems

Web Service Specifications

Sensor Observation Service (SOS) - standard web interface for accessing observations

Sensor Planning Service (SPS) - standard web interface for tasking sensor systems and model and requesting acquisitions

Sensor Alert Service (SAS) - standard web interface for publishing and subscribing to sensor alerts

Web Notification Service (WNS) - standard web interface for asynchronous notification

We welcome contributions by OGC members and the public. For information contact Mike Botts or Ingo Simonis.