Styling and Symbolization

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Change Requests:

07-105 SE Change request for thematic mapping (not sure why this one is not listed on the official Change Request page)

09-013 OWS-6 Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD) CR

09-014 OWS-6 Symbology Encoding (SE) CR

SLD Profile of WMS CR (this one may not apply since it is technically against WMS)

Engineering Reports:

09-015 OWS-6 Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD) Changes ER

09-016 OWS-6 Symbology Encoding (SE) Changes ER


Introduction to CR 07-105 (the first CR listed above)

ORCHESTRA Map and Design Service

ISO 19117 / SLD Harmonization

ISO 19117 Geographic Information Portrayal

OWS-6 Symbology Presentation (relates to the OWS CRs and ERs above)