Geospatial Service Implementations

Matrix of Client Software and Associated Services/Formats. This is a user-created and maintained list of implementations of OGC services. As such, all content found on this page should not be considered an official OGC statement. OGC takes no responsibility for the accuracy of any information or claims made below. That said, feel free to use the commenting function to post information about your online, OGC-compliant material. The OGC Home page contains implementation resources .

OGC Web Services Search Engines

  • The WMS-Crawler
    by Skylab Mobilesystems. WMS-Crawler, on a weekly basis, crawls
    for keywords which might indicate a link to a WMS and tries to parse it
    with a WMS Capabilities parser.
  • OWS Search Engine is an engine specialised in the search for web
    services implementing standards published by OGC. It's an attempt to evaluate the relevance of standard web tools for
    finding geospatial web services. For instance, it uses Yahoo! search
    engine and its API called Yahoo! Search BOSS.

Lists of OWS (OGC Web Services) Clients

WMS Servers