AIP Engineering Reports

AIP-4 Engineering Reports

AIP-4 Summary Report

Scope: AIP-4 increased the accessibility of GEOSS datasets identified as supporting Critical Earth Observation Priorities by the GEO User Interface Committee (UIC), and increased the use of the data through promoting availability of new data services, clients, and applications building on accomplishments of prior AIP phases. AIP-4 focused on enabling key global EO data sources with standard service interfaces and generalized clients, supporting brokered search, and supporting community publisher and user requirements through integration with the GEOSS Common Infrastructure (GCI).

AIP-4 was organized in two major activities. Activity #1 focused on increasing the accessibility of Priority EO Observations as identified by the GEO User Interface Committee [UIC 2011]. Activity #2 focused on Application Clients, Community Portals, and Mediation tier components development to improve the exploitation of datasets provided through the GCI.

Point of Contact Editor: Nadine Alameh, The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)

Contributing Editors: Nadine Alameh, George Percivall, and Ingo Simonis from The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) with contributions from the AIP-4 participants.

The AIP-4 Summary Report


AIP-4 Modeling Team Report

Scope: The GEOSS Unified Modeling team engineering report provides the depiction and expresses the Reference Model of the Open Distributed Processing (RM-ODP) viewpoint using the Unified Modeling Language as the syntax. This is done by expressing each scenario of each GEOSS Societal Benefit Area in four of five viewpoints as described in ISO/IEC 10746:1996 Part 3 Reference Model ODP Architecture and description of the UML concepts and extensions provided in ISO/IEC 19793:2007. The one remaining Viewpoint is the Technical Viewpoint. This will be completed in AIP-5

Each of the Societal Benefit Area Teams have developed the individual scenarios and associated UML Use Cases. The UML team has developed the UML RM-ODP Architecture for each of the scenarios using three views of the ISO/IEC 19793 modeling concepts and structuring rules. These views are Enterprise, Information, Computational and Engineering. The GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot (AIP) leads the incorporation of contributed components consistent with the GEOSS Architecture using a GEO Web Portal, WAF/CSW, AQ Community Portal, and a Clearinghouse search facility to access services through GEOSS Interoperability Arrangements in support of the GEOSS Societal Benefit Areas. AIP is a GEO task for elaborating the GEOSS Architecture under the purview of the GEO Architecture and Data Committee. This Engineering Report (ER) is a key result of the fourth phase of AIP. AIP-4 was conducted from July 2010 to November 2011.

Point of Contact Editor: Lawrnce McGovern, Disc, Chair

Contributing Editors: Elizabel Davies and Arnold Galloway, PhD

The AIP-4 GEOSS Unified Modeling Team Engineering Report


AIP-3 Engineering Reports

AIP-3 Engineering Reports