OGC Document Catalog

a Collaborative Compendium in the Delicious Bookmarking System


Summary: navigate OGC documents using Delicious, starting with http://delicious.com/tag/ogcdoc. Contribute by tagging your own important OGC documents with ogcdoc, plus other keywords such as {filter georss gml owc ows sas sdi sensorml sld sos styling swe wcs wfs wmc wms wps ows-6 P&P}

The quantity of OGC documents is often overwhelming to those who are not intimately involved in the Consortium on a regular basis. There are over 30 Implementation Standards, 14 Abstract Specifications, and tons of discussion papers and best practices documents, not to mention all the tutorials, articles and miscellaneous information scattered around the Web.

OGC has taken steps towards organizing this information with a nice Web site of official documents, and this OGC Network site, which anyone can contribute to (email Raj Singh if you want to put content here). But the official site take a lot of effort to maintain, and staff could never afford to spend the time to catalog anything but the official, published work products of the Consortium. And although OGC Network is maintained at least partially by members, creating full-fledged Web pages is a lot of work.

We are trying another way to organize the wealth of OGC-related information by using the Delicious collaborative bookmarking system. The way it works is that whenever you find a Web page you want to bookmark – or actually any Web resource that has a URL – instead of bookmarking it in your Web browser, bookmark it in Delicious. Delicious lets you save the URL, the title of the resource, some notes, and most importantly, lets you add any number of tags to the URL. Please note - a veru helpful piece of metadata in the Title is the year of the publication!

Here is how the OGC document tagging system works. I have seeded the catalog with a number of tagged documents. Every one of them is tagged with ogcdoc. So if you enter the URL, http://delicious.com/tag/ogcdoc, you will see all OGC documents.

Additional tags are keywords for important topics covered in the document. For example, the Web Mapping Service (WMS) Specification has the tags ogcdoc, wms, and sld. The Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD) Specification includes the tags ogcdoc, sld, wms and fps. These two documents share the tags wms and sld. If you enter the URL, http://delicious.com/tag/ogcdoc+wms+sld, you will see only OGC documents relating to both WMS and SLD.

So using these examples, please browse the OGC document catalog on Delicious, and learn to use the system to contribute your own Web resources by tagging them with ogcdoc, plus any other keywords that make sense. Here is a suggested list of keywords to get you started -- like any semantic tagging system, its usefulness depends upon everyone using the same keywords for their tags.

Suggested tags (in addition to the mandatory ogcdoc): citygml csw filter geoapi georss geoxacml gml go kml openls o&m owc ows sas sdi sensorml sf sld sos sps styling swe tjs wcs wfs wfs-t wmc wms wmts wps. There are also domain tags used: 3d, agriculture, aviation, bi (business intelligence), climate, coastal, cryosphere, crop, forestry, eos (earth observation), health, marine, meteorology, statistics, There are also some OGC program and technology tags used: cloud, soap, rest, uncertml, ows-6, ows-7, P&P