server just displays the icons in the search result

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I am new to GIS and some questions maybe stupid, so please forgive me!

Here i got a question:
there is a tower layer, in which each tower is displayed as an icon on the map, we want to execute a search to find out those towers we want(say finding out all the towers' names start with 'tan'), and just display the matched results on the map, hide the unmatched towers from the map, we have done the first part , but how to tell server not to display those unmatched towers?
or is it feasible? help please!

BTW: i use MapBuilder+GeoServer

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server just displays the icons in the search result

I would guess you could use a WFS interface for the query whose results would be streamed into a WMS using SLD for properly rendering the towers. Sorry for all the three letter acronyms. I would check the WMS Cookbook (free from the OGC web site). I would alsl p[ost a question to the Geoserver list. They may have reference code that you could use.