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The Web3D consortium (http://www.web3d.org) would like to have an official liaison with the OGC. A lot of our work is in in the geospatial field and we will be seeking to use OGC standards for Web3D applications to access geospatial services & data.

I have been nominated for this role and would like to speak to someone in the OGC about it. I tried emailing the approriate contact listed on the OGC contacts, Sam Bacharach, but have had no response.

This is what I posted to Sam:

My name is Chris Thorne and I am a member of the Web3D Consortium.
Our consortium would like to have a liaison contact with OGC and,
since I have a suitable background, I have been put up for this role.
I have a long background in open source development in the geospatial
area (http://planet-earth.org/Rez/RezIndex.html), the planet-earth
project (http://www.planet-earth.org) and Web 3D in general. I am a
member of the X3D specification team helping to define new versions of
the X3D ISO standard. I am also in my final year Phd on improving the
quality and scalability of 3D simulaion which has particular
application to geospatial technology.

So, first question: what is required for me to join the OGC as a
inter-consortium liaison. Would there be a fee involved?

And, what meetings take place that I may participate in? I am in
Western Australia so maybe there are Asia-pacific meetings. Perhaps
also telecon/vidcon/skype participation?

thanks for your time,

Chris Thorne

Web3D Consortium Liaison

Thanks Carl,

I'll mail u,


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Web3D Consortium Liaison

Hi Chris -

Thanks for the request and the proposal to work more closely with the OGC. I am the initial point of contact for such official liaison activities. However, at this point it would be best to email me directly so that we can continue the dialogue. No problem posting the results of our discussion to the forum.