WMS GetCapabilities OnlineResource

In a WMS GetCapabilities response, there is an element "Request" that lists the various requests supported on the server. In each, there is an "OnlineResource" element. The only documentation I can find suggests that the URL to the service's GetCapabilities is supposed to go here (see "A.2 Sample WMS Capabilities XML (Informative)" in "01-047r2_Web_Map_Service_Implementation_Specification.pdf").

I imagine I must be misunderstanding this or simply missing something altogether. Why would I put the URL to the GetCapabilities here since the user obviously already knows it to get here in the first place? I could understand listing it in the GetCapabilities element of the Request section, but why would I list it in the GetLegendGraphic (for example) element? If the GetCapabilities URL is not supposed to go in here for all of these supported Requests, what is?

WMS GetCapabilities OnlineResource

[quote="jtm"]So, every OnlineResource will show something like:


In most cases, yes. But if you are using server specific parameters the OnlineResource will show something like:


WMS GetCapabilities OnlineResource

So, every OnlineResource will show something like:


WMS GetCapabilities OnlineResource

the url to your web service without any of the ogc request key/value pairs goes there.

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