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Dear Sir and Madam.....
I am sorry for taking ur time and for being so backwarded.....
I am a student and I am taking a course related with Open GIS , Interoperable Geoprocessing. To get more clear Ideas I tried to search books on that. But I can't find a basic one. Can U please help me with some URLs to get some reading materials.

Thank U in advance,
The Inocent

Thank you

Dear all,
I really thank U all, for your helpfull hints.

New for this....

Thanks for highlighting those particular resources, looks like theere is so much great stuff here that it could become tough to navigate for a newbie.

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New for this....

Dear Innocent -

As pointed out in the other response to your email, there is a considerable amount of resources/documents on the OGC web site. The question I need to ask is, "What exactly are you interested in?" Are you interested in architecture, the actual standards, abstract models, implementations, and so forth.

In the meantime, I would encourage you to:

Check out (and subscribe - its free) to OGC User News:
Check out the OGC Reference Model (now in major revision):
And check out the new OGC network:

Hope this helps.


New for this....

By my experience, there are a lot of document in this site that are usefull for you. Read them and access some WMS sites ( to make what you have read more clearly.
If you want to implement , that link is good for you :

I hope you will be a good OGC cooker soon. :lol: