SWE Web Alert Service


I have started to implement a Web Alert Service, as well as a Web Notification Service. To reduce the workload a bit, as well as to keep complexity a bit lower intially I have decided to combine the WAS and WNS. The resulting service therefore has both WAS and WNS type interface operations. To render services, the HTTP GET method will first be supported. I could find some information on the WNS side, but nothing for the WAS. In all cases examples / specification was only for XML-based operations and not for HTTP Get. Aspects that I need some help on are RegisterUserProfile, RegisterCondition or RegisterRule, etc. Any help / pointers / guidance will be appreciated.

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SWE Web Alert Service

Herman -

Sorry for the delay. I have been out of the office. Let me check and get some more information. I can say that there is considerable OGC member activity in the area of Sensor Alert Service specification. This is essentially a marriage of the existing OGC specification work in alerts and notification. For example, there is the OGC Sensor Alert System Interoperability Experiment. The results of much of the ongoing work should be publicly available in the latter part of November.