WFS 1.1.0 xml schemas do not validate in XmlSpy


I downloaded the xml schemas from and tried to view
wfs.xsd (for WFS 1.1.0 ) using Altova XmlSpy Enterprise 2005 Rel 3.
But I get many validation errors in wfs.xsd. There are wrong
namespaces like instead of in
references to the OWS schemas, spelling errors like
\"InsertResultType\" instead of \"InsertResultsType\" and element
definitions that violate xml schema rules (NMTOKEN with invalid
characters in an enumeration in MetadataURLType and the definition of
XlinkPropertyName for which I have appended the answer I got after
submitting a bug report to Altova).

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Altovas answer to my bug report:

Hi Gerhard,

The first error is due to the fact that NMTOKENS don\'t allow this
character which results in an error as an invalid value.

Here is the definition from the schema for schema.



pattern matches production 7 from the XML spec

The second error is caused by the fact that the Element
\'XlinkPropertyName\' cannot have both a type attribute and a
simpleType/complexType type child



I hope this helps.

Thank you

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... Jerry Sheehan
... Technical Support Engineer
... Altova, Inc. - markup your mind!

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WFS 1.1.0 xml schemas do not validate in XmlSpy

And I have received a response that yes indeed there are errors in the schema document. We are working a corrections document. Should be available in the near future.


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WFS 1.1.0 xml schemas do not validate in XmlSpy

I have passed this information onto the WFS revision working group.



Missing PropertyName in 1.1.0 wfs.xsd

This is another problem with wfs.xsd version 1.1.0.

The element called "propertyName" is referenced incorrectly. The "propertyName" element is located in the "expr.xsd" file from the filter directory. The namespace should be "ogc" instead of "wfs" Please fix it ASAP.



wsdl2java] Element {}PropertyName is referenced but not defined.
[wsdl2java] at org.apache.axis.wsdl.symbolTable.SymbolTable.checkForUndefined(
[wsdl2java] at org.apache.axis.wsdl.symbolTable.SymbolTable.add(
[wsdl2java] at org.apache.axis.wsdl.symbolTable.SymbolTable.populate(
[wsdl2java] at org.apache.axis.wsdl.symbolTable.SymbolTable.populate(
[wsdl2java] at org.apache.axis.wsdl.gen.Parser$
[wsdl2java] at