Need some information on LBS

I am a new member in this forum. I am a software engineer with 6 years experience in MSC development. I am exposed to littlle bit about position-location-determination feature. During implementation of this feature I came across entities of networks like PDE and MPC.I am interested in writing some location based services like hotel info, traffic info,local friends finder etc. I am interested in writing a LBSS(LBS server).For this purpose can you please some source on internet where from I an download information.Please give me some pointers so that I could work on that.

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Need some information on LBS

Vijay -

I would check a couple of resources.

From the OGC, check out

From the Open Mobile Alliance, go to

And then there are several magazines/webzines that are good sources of information, such as lbszone and java location services.