Software Tools (e.g. Maven, JUnit, JDepend, Hammurapi)

Hi, all. I am new to this group, so I hope I have posted to the right forum.

I am a software engineer specializing in Java. I've been starting to use open source tools to improve quality and to simplify code management. Some great tools I've found so far are Maven, JUnit, JDepend, and Hammurapi.

Is this kind of thing discussed here at OGC? Are there any standards or conventions that are recommended? What is the appropriate forum for this disucssion, if any?


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Software Tools (e.g. Maven, JUnit, JDepend, Hammurapi)

Keith -

The OGC as an organization does not really get into implementation details, such as best practices for code management and so forth. Nor do we make recommendations about what tools are best or better to use. We do make sure that our schemas validate with the most commonly used validation tools. But we do not recommend which tool to use.

However, OGC members implementing applications using OGC standards might be very interested in such discussions. I would also check out some of the Java based open source projects, such as geotools and JUMP.

Hope this helps.