can OGC give any help?

hi,every body. i am new in knowing OGC.and I face a i am giving a design on a 3d coal mine management system which now using data files to generate 3d graphics, and i am trying to make it merg to a spatial database.that is to say,the system will generate 3d graphics on a spatial database instead of data files.When i design this ,i want to give a design refering to an existed OGC spatial datatype specifications,so i can easily make further extension in the future.but i don't know which specifications could give 3d spatial datatype in a database that i should follow? PLS give me details.

can OGC give any help?


As pointed out in the other resposes, the standards do not subscribe the supported output formats.

If you still have requirements to provide 3D data stored in a spatial database and published via the OGC OpenLS Presentation standards, I can provide you details of a solution that can output a number of formats including 3D web formats such as VRML as a supported presentation format. This will allow you to use an appropriate web browser plug in to visualise your 3D data.

Feel free to contact me at '' to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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can OGC give any help?

Sorry for the delay in responding. The OGC does not develop database designs or content standards. However, the Geography Markup Language (GML) does support 2d and 3d geometries. As an example of the use of GML for 3-d, I would check out CityGML and LandGML. A google search will get you to the proper web sites to obtain more information.