Map or Gazetteer -> coordinates


Yellowikis ([url][/url]) would like to encourage people to add geographic co-ordinates when they add a company to the business listings database that we are building. We hope that in time this will allow us to automatically provide maps and other location specific information - like Google Local are testing - but on a global basis.

So far we have identified two good web sites that allow you to look up co-ordinates for a particular place:

1) [b]The Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names[/b] ([url][/url]) is a fantastic resource but it doesn't go down to the street, postcode or even local area within some cities.

2) [b]Multimap[/b] ([url][/url]) has a great system that allows you to use a map to identify co-ordinates but we don't think that it is particularly easy to use.

Are there any other free gazeteers or clever ways to find this information? or should we consider setting up a wiki to build our own gazeteer?

Any tips or suggestions very welcome.

Paul Youlten