WFS and GML 3

Hello all,

I'm intending to implement WFS (as a client, and probably also as a server) for a certain project. I know that WFS is developed with GML 2 in mind, but our customer might choose to use GML 3.

I'm wondering about any consequences of using GML 3 instead of GML 2, especially when we're also going to build a WFS server. I can imagine that most, if not all, existing WFS clients don't support GML 3.

I also would like to know about the status of any next version of WFS, since section vi in the introduction (WFS 1.0.0) states that GML 3 integration might be included in a future WFS version.

Can someone help me with these questions? Thanks in advance.

(Perhaps Level 0 Profile of GML3 for WFS is what I need, but I haven't read this paper yet. Besides, it only is a discussion paper at the moment.)



WFS and GML 3


That is exactly what I would like to hear :)
Thank you for the quick response.


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WFS and GML 3

Frank -

Version 1.1 of WFS, which is consistent with GML 2 and GML 3, will become a formally adopted OGC standard within two weeks time. The actual vote for adoption (including Filter) begins this Friday. Also, WRT the GML Simple Feature Profile (formerly known as Level 0) will be discussed at the OGC TC meetings next week with the intent of having a motion for adoption by electronic vote. The most recent version of this profile has been modified to make the profile more generic. The WFS specific references have been moved to an informative annex.

Hope this information helps.