Problems about OpenGIS services

I have read Topic 12 - The OpenGIS Service Architecture and Web Services Architecture. I have some questions.
1. Where can I get a OGC web services architecture diagram in detail?
2. How can I relate the service taxonomy in the topic 12 to the web service in the web service architecture?
3. How can I partition geographic processing services into user processing services and shared processing services?
Thank you!

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Problems about OpenGIS services

Wisher -

Topic 12, which is identical to the ISO 19119 standard, is an abstract description of a services architecture. It is not web services specific.

That said, I would suggest checking the following documents:

1. The OGC Reference Model.
2. Geospatial Portal Reference Architecture (Portal Architecture).

Again, these are higher level documents. A specific technical implementation would be dependent on the requirements of the application, such as a standards based, geospatially enabled portal. An example of a technical implementation instance of the more general OGC architecture models can be found at:

This is for an Australian demonstration project known as SIDP.