Can anyone explain the WCS GetDomain?

Dear list,

I am trouble working out what the purpose of the optional GetDomain operation is for as described in the new WCS paper.

Its something to do with finding the max and min values of certain datatypes. i.e. an integer is
treated differently with different programming languages. The standard then describes using
these properties to make the GUI, which I dont understand.

Many thanks in advance for a simplistic explanation.


Ben Bookey

Can anyone explain the WCS GetDomain?


What "new WCS paper" are you looking at? I cannot find a GetDomain operation referenced in any WCS document. Do you perhaps mean the CSW protocol binding in the Catalog 2.0 specification?

Arliss Whiteside

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Can anyone explain the WCS GetDomain?

Ben -

Thanks for the question. I passed your question onto the WCS gurus.