Dear jnicho02, and all

I am thankful for the xslt introductory. I was studying the British OS sample xslt.
In my trial I was able to see the simple svg map. But I wonder why the transform-matrix, which I learn from the OS sample is not working to mirror my map along the X-axis. Is it because it lacks additional info? Basically my data lacks additinal coordinate information like "srsName" and others. (I would be happpier if I have a way to do it on the application schema of mine, and thus in the gml file, and then make it useful in xslt-svg transformation.) The whole idea is to get the map in its correct position in a simple or atleast uncomplicated xslt.

If this question is a bit unclear, it would be enough for me to explain the differences between MATRIX, SCALE(1 -1), ROTATE(180), and why one of these is not working for me. Because I tried them so many times, and couldn't learn any thing despite the plain knowledge I have why they are used, not how. What things should I consider to reverse the svg Y-axis problem.

Many thanks,