Building Web Services with OPENGIS

Hi there,

I'm interested in building web services that are compliant with the opengis specifications for building a catalog server.

The web services shall be written in c++ using the Axis web servirce container.

I've been looking on this site about the opengis specifications, however, there are loads of informations over there, and i lack a good starting point for finding solutions. So here are a few questions, please forgive me if some of these questions seem trivial for you, but i need some directions and i am novice on the opengis

May i build C++ web services on linux that are opengis compatible ? Does it involve that i must build my web services in a particular manner ?

Is there a standard for building my web service (class names, method names, object type... ?) to be opengis compliant ?

Does it implies that my webservice must exchange GML messages ?
What is the interaction between my web service/soap and GML exactly ?

Is there an API such as GML4J or something else dedicated for building C++ programs that are Opengis compliant ?

Where can i find some ressources for "building C++ web services with opengis ?"

Any idea / suggestion about my question shall be welcome

thanks for your answers

Need XML Shema definition?

I installed Axis and it runs good, but I don't know how to do with GIS Data . Do I need make XML Shema definition as OGC specs?

Can you explain more clearly? Introduce me step by step.

Thanks a lot !

Apache Axis

Hi Stef,

Axis is there to help you create web services. Given an xml schema it can generate WSDLs and Java (or C++?) classes.

Your messages will be sent as GML which Axis will receive, and turn into objects....and vice versa when you send.

Have a play with Axis. Sometimes there can be a small amount of grief if the xsd's aren't 100% consistent, but generally web services should be a doddle.

Building Web Services with OPENGIS

that's my question too!
excepts I use Java