How to start?

We have a project for GIS Data Integration that is based on three technologies : ArcIMS (ESRI), Geomedia Web Map Server (Integraph) and GeoServer (OpenSource).
We decided to use OGC Webservice for solving problem.
But we have not experiences to build the systems by OGC specifications.
Can you tell us how to start ? and is our choice is good?
Thanks !

found it

[b]Google search:[/b] filetype:owl owl +gml

[b]GML 3.0[/b]

title- Ontology for Geography Markup Language (GML3.0) creator- Zafer Defne, Akm Saiful Islam and Michael Piasecki. description- Ontology for Geography Markup Language (GML3.0) of Open GIS Consortium (OGC). The Geography Markup Language (GML) is an RDF encoding for the transport and storage of geographic information, including both the geometry and properties of geographic features. Vocabulary terms are declared using OWL language to support RDF applications.

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How to start?

You may wish to post this request to the General list.

In terms of learning about the use of OGC standards to enable interoperable solutions and applications, I would perhaps download the WMS (Web Map Service) cookbook from the OGC web site. You can find this cookbook under the "Resources" tab pulldown.

Using WMS would allow you to fairly quickly deploy client applications that access and display map data from your existing solution environment. ESRI, Intergraph, and Geoserver all have WMS capability. Further, there are a number of free clients out there that already implement WMS and other OGC standards. These might also provide your organization some useful reference information.