Creating A WFS Test

I'm trying to create a test for a WFS server using only the 'Basic' functional group in the Customize Test Session. Unless I select 'All', the test is rejected with the error message:

"Sorry, the combination of options you have selected do not map to any tests. Please go back to the creation page and select different options."

Even if I select 'Basic', 'Transactional' and 'Locking' I still get the same error messages. Is this a bug is the testing syste, or is it not possible to create a test with just the 'Basic' options?

I am using the provided WfsCapabilities.xml file and have only changed the links to websites in the file.

Creating A WFS Test

Thanks for your help Mark.


Creating A WFS Test

This is currently a bug as the test engine is "advertising" more functionality than the test assertions can provide. The test assertions have yet to be updated with the functional group assignments. As you have discovered, the only working option is to use all of the tests. The functional grouping selection control will be temporarily removed (defaulting to 'All') until the test assertions can be assigned to the respective functional groups.

I apologize for any confusion this may have caused you and at the same time salute you for your problem solving in finding the work around!

I will contact you as soon as the test assertions have been updated.

Mark B.

Creating A WFS Test

These are the steps I have used to create a new WFS test

First of all I create a new test session from the main page.

Under Session Identification, I entered 'wfstest'.
In Type Of Tests, I have selected 'manual tests followed by automatic tests'
Under Type Of devices to test, there is only a single selected option, 'A Server'
Finally on this page, for the Test Cases I have selected 'Web Feature Service'

I then get taken to the Customize Test Session page.

The URL for the WFS capabilities document is:

This is the capabilities document provided by OGC for the compliance testing with a couple of alterations. I have changed the URLs in the document to point to my own server, and I have updated the schema instance in the root element to point to the updated schema-instance version(2001 instead of 2000).

Under optional tests, I have 'Enable tests with complex property types' deselected.
Finally, in the Functional Groups box, I have tried independantly ticking the three lower options(Transaction, Locking and Basic) in various combinations, including them all on their own, but when I click 'Add Capabilities Values' and then 'Create Test Session', I keep getting the error 'Sorry, the combination of options you have selected do not map to any tests. Please go back to the creation page and select different options.'. The only way to actually create a test is to check the 'All' button. This can be on its own, or in combination with Basic, Locking or Transaction.

Thanks for your help,


Creating A WFS Test


Could you provide more information on the settings you selected at each step (test session configuration and capabilities settings) so that I could troubleshoot the issue?