Profiling GML schemas

Hi guys,

Anyone out there had any success at profiling the GML schemas for use with ISO 19139?

Also does anyone know how i can get my hands on the three files used for profiling (depends.xslt, utility.xslt, gmlSubset.xslt) as they are not where they are meant to be on the website.

If you have any information i would be pleased to hear it either here or via email.


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Profiling GML schemas

Dear Carly -

As DSTO is an OGC member as a result of the DIGO membership, you can actually request an OGC username and password. E-Mail Greg Buehler at and ask for yout username and password. You can then 1.) enter the Members Area 2.) have access to all in progress and in-progress informative documents and 3.) ask questions of the members. Your question would best be asked of the GML WG. Most of the OGC GML guru's are members of that particular working group.

Hope this helps.


Carl Reed