Hi !
I am an Urban and Regional Planner Practising in India and have been interested in the application of GIS in planning and E-government related issues.

With the help of my programmer friends I ahve tried to develop GIS applications for various aspects. Primarily into the interface development, I am used to the ESRI tools but am now interested in the other technologies offered in the market.
Its nice to be a part of the OGC Community . I have been associated with the GIS field for about eight years now and mostly from the application point of view.

I was wondering whether an individual can become a member of the OGC?

Maheep Singh Thapar
Urban and Regional Planner
GIS Consultant

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Dear Maheep -

Thank you for the email. Currently, the OGC does not have a membership level for individuals. However, we do have a very reasonable membership fee for local government entities. For US $300 per year, a city or related local government entity can obtain OGC membership. From our website at
"These Associate Members are granted non-voting membership in the TC and have access to all written and electronic TC communication. Associate Members may participate in working groups and subcommittees of the TC, as well as in OGC Interoperability Initiatives. Local, City, County, Municipal and other local government agencies may become Associate Members. The annual fee for Government Agency Local/Other Membership is $300 USD."

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.