SVG in Linux

Hi everybody!. I'm a computer student from the university of A Coru

SVG in Linux


There is a very interesting project called Cairo.
In general, It's aim is to develop graphics rendering engine for Linux.

You may find it on:

In past it was called Xr or something like that.

Keith Packard (involved in this project) is working on SVG viewer for Unix'es.
This viewer is based on Cairo.
IMHO it is fast and very nice.


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Thank you

First of all, thank you very much for your reply, Sam.
I've tried with the Batik project, and it has a very interesting SVG viewer (Squiggle). I used it, but i needed to be "integrated" with my server, and i found it very complicated. However, it's a very good SVG tool.
I've dowloaded the newest version of Mozilla, but i coudn

SVG in Linux


I am told by one of our members that there are two potential avenues to solve your problem:

Mozilla's latest version includes an available build that supports basic SVG functionality. Of course I do not know what you are actually using, but it does points, lines, areas, fills, and text, so it may be sufficient.

The other is a the Apache Batik Project, which is also working to provide the tools to do an SVG capable client.

Sam Bacharach
OGC Staff