OGC Web Services Networks

The OGC is engaged in an Interoperability Program which is a global, hands-on and collaborative prototyping program designed for rapid development and delivery of proven candidate specifications into OGC’s Specification Program, which can then be formalized for public release. In OGC’s Interoperability Initiatives, international technology developers and providers team together to solve specific geo-processing interoperability problems posed by the initiative’s sponsoring organizations.  OGC Interoperability Initiatives include test beds, pilot projects, interoperability experiments, and interoperability support services – all designed to encourage rapid development, testing, validation and adoption of open, consensus based standards specifications.

OGC Web Services initiatives are the premier Testbeds of the Interoperability Program. They provide a business opportunity for vendors, users, and other interested parties to mutually define services, interfaces and protocols (as Engineering Reports (ERs)) in the context of a hands-on engineering experience expected to shape the future of geospatial and imagery related Web Services software development and Web data publication. The sponsors are supporting this vision with cost-sharing funds to partially offset development costs associated with this capability and interoperable web service demonstrations. This offers OGC members a unique opportunity to recoup a portion of their expenses related to the OWS-7 initiative. Additionally, this effort has well-defined objectives, while providing a significant opportunity to explore alternatives in a unique hands-on engineering context.