OWS-3 overview

The OWS-3 Network was initially created from the developments of the OGC Web Services, Phase 3 (OWS-3) Testbed.

Building on previous work in other OGC initiatives and technical working groups, OWS-3 Testbed participants worked collaboratively to extend the OGC baseline to enable an interoperable, multi-source decision support environment. The work addressed a rich set of requirements provided by OWS-3's sponsors. Sponsors include: BAE Systems, IONIC, GeoConnections (Canada), Lockheed Martin, MAGIC Services Initiative, National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA), Oak Ridge National Laboratory, NAVTEQ, Questerra, US Geological Survey (USGS) and other organizations.

Participants worked in the following areas:

* Common Architecture
* Sensor Web Enablement (SWE)
* Geo-Decision Support Services (GeoDSS)
* Geo-Digital Rights Management (GeoDRM)
* Open Location Services (OpenLS)

The OWS-3 Network supports persistent demonstration and research regarding a wide variety of issues of geospatial interoperability. The OWS-3 Testbed was designed to support several scenarios. These scenarios are a good starting point for a team using the network to conduct research or a demonstration. The OWS-3 Network will support demonstration scenarios limited only by the creativity of the team developing the demonstration.

At the completion of an OGC Interoperability Initiative – testbed, experiment, pilot – a demonstration is conducted. Shortly after the demonstration, the activity of the initiative development is complete. The demonstration resources may then become part of the OGC Network consisting of the clients, servers, middleware, use cases, demo scripts and other elements.

The OWS-3 Network is anticipated to expand over the nodes initially provided by the OWS-3 testbed. Nodes can be added following the process described below.

The OWS-3 Network will persist at least through April 2006. OWS-3 Testbed nodes are required to persist through April 2006. In early April, the OWS-3 Network Manager will assess the state of the network and in conjunction with OGC members determine the next steps. Options include maintaining the OWS-3 Network as a distinct network or folding the OWS-3 Network nodes in to the OGC Networks general infrastructure.