AIP-3 Working Groups

AIP-3 Working Groups with Co-Leaders and Topics:

- Disaster Management  WG
      Didier Giacobbo, Arnaud Cauchy, (Stuart Frye - to be confirmed)
         Josh liaison to End-to-End  WG

- Water WG (with two sub-groups)
    - Agricultural Drought
           Will Pozzi, Stefano Nativi, Liping Di
    - Water Quality
           Will Pozzi, (Brad Lee), (EPA), (JPL)
           (Josh to discuss with Will, et al.)
    Josh liaison to  End-to-End  WG

- Health: AQ and Infectious Disease WG
       Stefan Falke and François Marques (Jorge Lopez)
          Stefan liaison to End-to-End  WG

- Biodiversity and Climate Change WG
       Doug Nebert and Stefano Nativi
         Nadine liaison to End-to-End  WG

- Energy WG
       Isabelle Blanc and Lionel Menard
          Nadine liaison to End-to-End  WG

- End-to-End  WG
     Nadine, Josh, Stefan, Larry
     Rotating topics for telecons:   1) Discovery, 2) Access, 3) Scenario Support
     Monday telecoms
     Discovery covers: Publication, Harvesting, Discovery use cases
     Access covers Processing,  workflow and sensor web use cases
     Scenario Support includes:  Use Case to Scenario completeness,  UML Modeling
     Make sure all Use Cases are defined in a WG or are done in this WG.

- Vocabularies and Semantics WG
     Roberto Lucchi, Masahiko Nagai, Cristiano Fugazza
     Connection to GCI, e.g., CSR GMU Yuqi Bai
     Water ontology from CSIRO
     Registry for geophysical parameters (CEOS SEO Shelley Stover)

- Data sharing Guidelines WG
       Steve Browdy, (CIESIN)
       Licenses and use cases
       Coordination with DSTF

- Data Harmonization WG  (through May)
      Clements Portele, Simon Cox,  Giuseppe Ottavianelli,
      George to support
      Information modeling report
      Quality assurance as part of the registration process
      Error propagation through processes