2010 Frascati Technical Committee Meetings

The following document motions originated during the OGC technical Committee meetings in Frascati, Italy. The Frascati meetings were hosted and sponsored by ESA/ESRIN. The documents will be posted to the OGC public website in the next several weeks. Please note that OGC Discussion and Engineering documents are unofficial positions of the OGC Membership. They are released as a community resource to promote discussion, input, and research. They should never be used in procurements other than as informative references nor should they be used in policy statements.

Document Motions. 2

Retire Grid Coverages. 2

Approve New Abstract specification for Linear Referencing. 2

AECOO Engineering Report 2

GIGAS Methodology as Best Practice. 2

OGC Naming Authority Policies and Procedures. 3

User Management Interfaces for EO Systems. 3

WCS 2.0 Extension Document Template. 3

Other motions. 3

Aviation Domain Working Group formed. 3

Document Motions

Retire Grid Coverages

An electronic vote was approved to retire the OGC Grid Coverages Implementation Standard. This standard is very sparsely implemented (2 known cases and there has been no active work for 7 years.

Retired documents are not removed from the OGC public website. Instead, they are moved from the current document archive to the "Retired" archive. Retired documents are no longer supported by the OGC.

Approve New Abstract specification for Linear Referencing

The Members approved an electronic adoption vote to approve ISO 19148 “Geographic information - Linear Referencing System” as a new topic volume in the OGC Abstract Specification [OGC doc 10-030]. 

This document is a description of the data and operations needed to support linear referencing. This includes Linear Referencing Systems, linearly located events and linear segments. Linear Referencing Systems enable the specification of positions along linear objects.

AECOO Engineering Report

The Members approved release of the “Summary of the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Owner Operator Phase 1 (AECOO-1) Joint Testbed” as an OGC Public Engineering Report.

The Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Owner Operator, Phase 1 (AECOO-1) Testbed developed and implemented methods to streamline communications between parties in the conceptual design phase to get an early understanding of the tradeoffs between construction cost and energy efficiency. To that end, the project developed the interoperability components required for these analyses in collaborative team settings.

GIGAS Methodology as Best Practice

The Members approved an electronic vote to release “GIGAS Methodology for comparative analysis of information and data management systems” [10-028] as an OGC Best Practice.

The GEOSS, INSPIRE and GMES an Action in Support (GIGAS) promotes the coherent and interoperable development of the GMES, INSPIRE and GEOSS initiatives through their concerted adoption of standards, protocols, and open architectures. This proposed Best Practice document has been written on the basis of a methodology developed within the GIGAS Support Action financed by the European Commission in order to address the convergence of global initiatives like GEOSS and the European interoperability initiatives developed in the context of the GMES programme like HMA - Heterogeneous Missions Accessibility and the INSPIRE spatial data infrastructure legislation.

OGC Naming Authority Policies and Procedures

The Members approver revisions to the existing PGC Naming Authority Policies and Procedures documents: OGC-NA Policy, Doc identifiers, Def identifiers. The revisions describe a http URI syntax equivalent to the URN syntax.

User Management Interfaces for EO Systems

The Members approved an electronic vote to release of “User Management Interfaces for Earth Observation Services” OGC 07-118r5 as a “Best Practices” Document. This document explains how user and identity management information is included in the protocol specifications for EO (Earth Observation) services, for example catalogue access (EO Products Extension Package for ebRIM (ISO/TS 15000-3) Profile of CSW 2.0 ([OGC 06-131]), ordering (Ordering Services for Earth Observation Products [OGC 06-141r2]) and programming (OpenGIS Sensor Planning Service Application Profile for EO Sensors [OGC 07-018r2]).

WCS 2.0 Extension Document Template

The Members approved release of OGC 10-129 “WCS 2.0 format extension template” as an OGC Discussion Paper.

This extension of the Web Coverage Service standard specifies a FORMAT-NAME encoding format for encoding coverages. It is based on the authoritative format specification available as [FORMAT-SOURCE].

Other motions.

Aviation Domain Working Group formed.

The OGC Members approver formation of an Aviation Domain Working Group. The purpose of the OGC Aviation DWG is to provide an open forum for work on aviation-related data interoperability and access, and a route to publication through OGC's standards ladder (Discussion paper / Best Practice / Standard, and, if appropriate, to ISO status). The open forum will encourage collaborative development among disparate participants in a rapidly evolving technological milieu, and will ensure appropriate liaisons to other working groups (inside and outside OGC).