2009 Dec OGC Indoor Location, 3d, indoor navigation special meeting

This special session of the OGC 3DIM (3d Information Management) brings together professionals representing multiple standards development organizations or activities related to defining encoding standards for expressing indoor location, floor plans, and other built environment information required by information communities such as emergency services, outdoor/indoor navigation, and augmented reality. The various groups represented in the meeting are the OGC, the IETF GeoPRIV Working Group, the Open Floor Plan initiative, the OASIS EM Technical Committee, BuildingSmart Alliance, the Korean Spatial Awareness initiative, and ISO TC 211 Ubiquitous position standards activity.

The agenda for the meeting is:

  • 09:00 Overview of 3D @ OGC Tim Case, PB, 3DIM DWG Chair
  • 09:15 CityGML: What it is and how it is used Carsten Rönsdorf, OS and Claus Nagel, TU Berlin
  • 09:40 Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) of CityGML Scott Simmons, Technigraphics
  • 10:00 Focus on Indoor Navigation
    • Indoor Spatial Awareness - Prof. Jiyeong Lee
    • Introduction to IndoorML - Claus Nagel, Technical University Berlin
    • Open Floor Plan Project - David Coggeshall, San Francisco Communications, MapLab Project
    • Proposed Interior Location Extensions to PIDF-LO (IETF) -Peter Thornycroft, ARUBA Systems
    • Indoor Information Infrastructure - Olaf Wessler, Cougar Bay GmbH, Roland Wagner
    • ISO related work – Ubiquitous Public Access and Logical location identification scheme (19151 and 19154). - Carl Reed for TC 211
  • 11:30 Path Forward for Indoor Navigation Standards: Facilitated Discussion Carl Reed, OGC

The afternoon sessions will focus on how the various related standards activities can collaborate and develop a plan of action for insuring consistency among and between the various activities. The afternoon agenda is:

13:00 Track A: Best Practices for CityGML Workshop


  • Session leader: Carsten Rönsdorf, OS, CityGML SWG Chair 
  • Session Leader: Claus Nagel, Technical University Berlin
  • Several implementers with commercial applications supporting CityGML
  • Representatives from the Web3d Consortium – X3D
  • Representatives for the Khronos Group - COLLADA

13:00 - 1500 Track B: Indoor Location, Floor plans, and Navigation - New Opportunities for Collaboration Session

  • Session Leader: Carl Reed
  • More detailed discussions and related presentations on approaches to improve interoperability for communicating indoor location, floor plans, and so forth.
  • Discussion about how to best collaborate going forward.
  •  Agreement on actions

Later Afternoon Session on 3d rendering and visualization 

  • Update on X3D and X3D Earth, Anita Havele Executive Director, Web3D Consortium, and others
  • Web View Service: Proposed OGC Discussion Paper Benjamin Hagedorn
  • Web 3D Service presentation

The various supporting documents, articles and materials can be downloaded from the following URLs.

Standards documents


Draft Stanley et.al Interior Location Extensions (for PIDF-LO) 




Consolidation Slides set except for the GSSN (Open Floor Plan) presentation

Golden Gate Safety Network and Open Floor Plan presentation

2009 Open Floor Plan Prospectus

Deborah MacPherson EcoBuild Open Floor Plan Presentation

Rex Brooks OASIS Emergency Management standards requirements for open floor plan and indoor locatio n

Peter Thornycroft Indoor Extensions to IETF RFC 5139


Introduction to CityGML

Indoor Information Infrastructure



Modular Ontologies for Architectural Design 



Relevant web sites

Silicon Valley Disaster Management Initiative