Web Coverage Service (WCS) 2.0

WCS 2.0 has seen final adoption in August 2010. By TC vote, the WCS 2.0 Core [09-110r3] and related specifications - in particular: the GML Application Schema for Coverages [09-146r1] - have been approved as official OGC standards.

Future work

The WCS.SWG will concentrate on

  • establishing further extensions (see below)
  • a WCS Earth Observation Application Profile
  • rigorous conformance test suites

Extension planning

The following extensions are under consideration currently, in descending priority as seen by the chairs (to be adjusted at the next TC meeting):

  • format encodings: GML, GeoTIFF, NetCDF, JPEG200, ...
  • index subsetting
  • scaling & interpolation
  • EPSG-Based CRSs
  • adaptation of WCS-T and WCPS to WCS 2.0
  • Generalized CRSs
  • uncertainty

Further information

See the Web Coverage Service (WCS), the GML 3.2.1 Application Schema for Coverages on the GML page, and this WCS discussion and information site.