AIP-2 Interim Design Review - December 2008

There was an Interim Design Review for the AIP-2 Development on Tuesday, 2 December 2008 in Valencia Spain. 

  • Design Review Logistics
  • Design Review Agenda with links to the presentations
  • A Summary section of the agenda identifies the major observations of the review.

Design Review Logistics

  • Start: 2008-12-02 14:00 local; 1300 UTC; your local time here
  • End:   2008-12-02 17:00 local; 1600 UTC
  • Location:  Sala 4, Palacio de Congresos , Valencia, Spain

The Review was co-located with several other meetings that week in the Valencia Conference Center.  Of particular relevance to GEO will be the GEOSS User and Architecture Workshop XXV on 3&4 December.  The Design Review and Workshop were hosted by the OGC as part of the OGC Technical Committee (TC) Meeting.  

Design Review Agenda


 Time  Topic Presenters
   1400  AIP-2 Development Overview   George Percivall

 Community WGs Scenarios (4 * 15 minutes each)

 Community WG Leaders 

Transverse Technology WG Use Cases (5 * 15 minutes each)

 Transverse Tech WG Leaders

 Summary of AIP-2 Interim Design Review

The workshop provided an assessment of the current status of the AIP-2 Development.  The following conclusions were noted:

  • Scenarios were established sufficient to understand what Use Cases are needed.
  • The specific Use Cases names were refined.  Overlap of use cases across WGs was discussed.  Overlap will be minimized.  Continued coordination of WGs for use case development will be needed.
  • A matrix mapping between Scenarios and Use Cases will be developed.  The matrix will show the reuse of use cases across scenarios.  The matrix will be posted.
  • Several clarifications are needed in the responsibilities of WGs.
    • Processing services were not previously assigned to any of the WGs but will now be taken on by the Workflow WG. The WG will change its name to "Workflow & Processing WG"
    • Alerts such as RSS, GeoRSS, and CAP alerts and SAS messages will be handled by the Access WG. Messages for async workflow will be handled by the Workflow and Processing WG.
  • Scenarios and Use Cases will be documented in AIP-2 Engineering Reports.  The ERs will be finalized at the end of AIP-2 development.  
  • An Engineering Report summarizing AIP-2 overall will be developed.  The AIP-2 Summary report will include lists of the Scenarios and the Use Cases - with pointers to those ER documents.  The Summary report will also show the overall architecture in summary. 
  • The approach of applying use cases for new scenarios needs to be documented.  This will answer the question of how to apply the AIP-2 results to additional Communities of practice.

Actions to implement these observations will be developed during the next AIP-2 Telecon .

   1700       Adjourn  
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