Cross Working Group Topics

This page are topics that address multiple AIP-2 Working Group Topics.



Definitions for Components

Definitions for GEOSS components were drafted by the IOC Task Force; including comments from ESA.   These definitions were  reviewed during AIP-2 Plenary telecon on 2008-10-4. The edited definitions have been provided back to the IOC Task Force.


 Cross Working Group coordination

 One element of coordination between the Working Groups is common membership.  The following tables is an non-exclusive listing of individuals that are on both working groups and providing coordination. Multiple persons can be listed in each cell of the table.


   Disasters Biodiversity & Climate 
Renewable Energy  Air Quality
CCRM    Stefano Nativi    Ted Haberman
Access  Anwar Vahed (services & components)
 Luis Bermudez (user requirements) 
 Glenn Rutledge  Hervé Caumont (OWS metadata)  
Workflow & Processing         
Portals and Clients  Hervé Caumont  Hervé Caumont  Hervé Caumont (OWS)  Hervé Caumont
Test Facility  Gordon Plunkett  Doug Nebert    

OWS : OGC Web Services



Working Group Telecon Schedules

  • See schedules on Google Sites page

Community Scenarios and Transverse Use Cases

To coordinate development between Community WGs Scenarios need to be supported by Transverse WG Use Cases.

  • Scenarios provide an end user view of the value of GEOSS.  Scenarios are focused on topics to a community of interest.  Scenarios could occur in any geographic Area of Interest (AOI) and specific a AOI  for a specific demonstration.  Steps in a scenario are use cases.  A scenario template for the development of AIP-2 Scenarios has been developed.
  • Use Cases show the reuse of GEOSS service oriented architecture for a narrow action, e.g., discovery, data access. Use cases are specific to Interoperability Arrangements.  A use case template for development of AIP-2 Use Cases has been developed.

Scenarios from the AIP-2 Community WGs are listed below with links :

A summary mapping of Scenarios to use cases is available here .

Use Cases from the AIP-2 Transverse Technology WGs

20081031AIPscenarioTemplate.doc716 KB
20081105AIPuseCaseTemplate.doc740.5 KB