AIP Kickoff Session template

## Template Agenda for Sessions (90 minutes duration)

  • Co-lead introduces the session (5 minutes)
    • repeat of one chart from opening plenary
    • list of responses relevant to session
  • Self introductions of persons in the session (5 minutes)
  • Presentations by several primary participants (30 minutes)
    • identify what problem are you solving
    • emphasis on the end-to-end use case: publish, find, bind, workflow, decision
    • listing of services and data contributions
  • Open Discussion (20 minutes)
    • For SBA/CoP sessions: Interactive development of Scenario application of use case
      • Coordinate with Larry McGovern regarding enterprise modeling
    • For technology sessions: Interactive discussion of design and interoperability arrangements
  • Develop a work plan for the topic: dates and actions (30 minutes)
    • Review and comment on AIP Master Schedule
    • identify session specific milestones
    • What is missing and still needed: service and data gaps
    • What would result in a paradigm shift to meeting our objectives rather than a simple evolutionary path.