2008 June Potsdam Germany Votes and Motions


June 2008
OGC Technical and Planning Committee Meetings

Potsdam Germany

Hosted by GFZ with sponsorship support from

1Spatial, DLR, and the WhereGroup


This document provides information on the votes and motions that occurred during the June 2008 OGC Technical and Planning Committee Meetings held in Potsdam Germany.

Please be aware that any document related actions will take 3 to 6 weeks to process and for the documents to be posted to the OGC public web site. This is due to the fact that ALL documents are now reviewed and edited prior to posting. If you wish to receive a copy of a document prior to posting, please let OGC staff know.

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  • BP - Best Practice
  • DWG - Domain Working Group
  • GML - Geography Markup Language
  • PC - Planning Committee
  • RB - Review Board
  • SWG - Standards Working Group
  • TC - Technical Committee
  • WG - Working Group

Formal Approved TC Motions

TCC Motions: Standard copyright for schemas

The TC and the OGC PC approved the policy that standard copyright wording to be inserted in all OGC published schema documents. By way of example:

-        <documentation>
               <XXX> is an OGC  Standard
               Copyright (c) 2008 Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
               To obtain additional rights of use, visit http://www.opengeospatial.org/legal/.

-   Note: If the OGC standard is also an ISO standard, add that this is also an "ISO standard".

-   Note: Any schema published outside the OGC process using OGC schema should also include this copyright notice.

Motions: OGC Naming Authority Ad-hoc

Just over a month ago, the IETF/IESG approved the OGC NID/URN proposal. The OGC urn designation is registered with IANA and is documented in RFC 5165 (http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc5165.html ).

A requirement for having a registered urn is that we must have a naming authority. This authority is responsible fir reviewing and registering any proposed OGC urn usage. Therefore, we needed to formally constitute an OGC Naming Authority (OGCNA) as a subgroup of the Technical Committee. The OGC members:

1. Approved formation of the OGCNA (as implied by IETF RFC 5165) as a subcommittee of the TC.

2. Approved the slate of nominations for the OGC-NA membership as follows.

3. That the OGCNA has the authority to register resources and assign OGC URNs. The OGCNA will also have the authority to work with members to define new branches of the OGC URN definition.

4. The OGC Staff will deploy a portal application for submitting a proposed URN. The information required will be kept at a minimum to insure that the registration process is as simple as possible - but no simpler

The OGC and the OGCNA will also continue to explore and make recommendations regarding an OGC URN resolver and registry.

GeoRM Document Motion

The TC and PC approved release of OGC document #08-076 "OWS-5 License Broker ER" as an OGC Discussion Paper.

  • Contingent on a modification of the document to add sufficient requirements and examples to demonstrate a licence as defined by this document is always consistent with figure 5 General Licence Model - OGC 06-004r3 GeoDRM Reference Model

GML DWG Document Motion

The TC and PC approved release of OWS-5 Engineering Reports 08-077 ("GSIP Schema Processing") and 08-078 ("Local MSD profile") as an OGC Discussion Paper

  • Pending final edits and review by OGC staff

Catalogue/NRE Document Motion

The TC and the OGC PC approved release of 06-131r4 "EO Products Data Model for ebRIM Profile of CSW 2.0.2" as an OGC Best Practice Document thereby deprecating the prior Discussion Paper.

  • Pending final edits and review by OGC staff

SWE DWG Document Motion

The TC and the OGC PC approved release of OGC 06-021r2, "OGC Sensor Web Enablement Architecture" as an OGC Best Practices Document and to declare OGC 06-021r1 as deprecated

  • Pending final edits and review by OGC staff

WCS SWG Document Motions

The WCS 1.2 SWG and the PC approved initiating a 30 day public comment period for WCS 1.1 extension (OGC 07-068r3): "Web Coverage Service (WCS) - Transaction operation extension" and the WCS 1.2 SWG and the PC approved initiating a 30 day public comment period for the following WCS 1.1 extensions:"Web Coverage Service - Processing extension"

Informative Motions

Informative: Plan for OpenSearch and CSW

CSW 3.0 work includes a change request to incorporate OpenSearch capability. This would allow existing search engines to be visible against this ad-hoc standard (i.e. Google and Yahoo would be CSW implementations). Further, OpenSearch with GeoRSS extensions supports rudimentary spatial query. This allows CSW catalogues to be searchable through simple and advanced query widgets (e.g. Toolbar query)

Could be achieved by:

  • Definition as baseline capability of all CSW
  • Development of concise OpenSearch Profile of CSW

Informative: CITE Motion

The CITE SC recommends that the OGC Technical Committee Chair provides the Abstract Test Suite for OGC CSW 2.0.2 AP ISO 1.0 to the appropriate SWG for approval as an appendix to the OpenGIS Catalogue Services Specification 2.0.2 - ISO Metadata Application Profile (1.0.0) (07-045); and submit the executable test suite and datasets for beta testing

Informative: GML SWG Motion

The GML 3.3 SWG resolves to use Enterprise Architect for UML modelling and use XMI as the exchange format

  • ISO/TC 211 will switch to Enterprise Architect and XMI

Informative: Cut-off date for GML Change Request Proposals

  • Preliminary cut-off date for accepting new Change Request Proposals: End of September 2008 TC meeting
  • Please submit change requests for specific problems that you are aware of
  • Action: OGC will announce this solicitation for Change Request Proposals publicly with the cut-off date
  • Solutions to the problems raised are not necessarily required in the Change Request Proposals, although welcome à the goal is to achieve a good overview of the scope of issues to be addressed in the revision.

Informative: OAB Motion: CityGML to go forward for adoption vote.

The OAB and the PC approved release of 08-007r1,"OpenGIS® City Geography Markup Language (CityGML) Candidate Standard" for an electronic adoption vote and associated 60 day IPR review period.

  • Pending any final edits and review by OGC staff

Informative: OGC Architecture Board Motion: GLS

The OAB approved the Geolinking Service (GLS) RFC submission.

The OAB did discuss several issues that are to be provided to the RFC submission team.

  • Thought that at some point GLS could be an extension to WFS. So perhaps as part of the RFC process keep this requirement in mind as a design criteria
  • Relationship with WPS a bit unclear. Also, could GLS functionality be accomplished with WPS
  • Relationship to the visualization environment, such as WMS; i.e., is GLS dependent on WMS?

Informative: Workflow Ad-hoc Motion

The TC approved the formation of the Workflow Domain Working Group. http://www.opengeospatial.org/projects/groups/workflowwg