RoadMap and Timelines for revisions to OGC standards

As of January 2011
At any time, multiple OGC standards are in revision. The work on any specific OGC standard is performed in what we call a Standards Working Group (SWG). In a SWG, OGC members work collaboratively to discuss all outstanding change requests for a given standard. SWGs also collaborate  to insure proper harmonization of multiple OGC standards. A list of all Change Requests is [url=]publicly available[/url] on the OGC website. Any individual or organization can submit change requests into the OGC process using a publicly accessible [url=]CR submission application[/url] .
Revisions to an existing OGC standard are not performed unless there are outstanding change requests!
The following information on OGC standards in revision is provided to better enable the community to participate in and plan for changes to the OGC Standards Baseline.