Conference Presentations by OGC Staff and Members

Staff and Member Presentations

The OGC staff and OGC member representatives attend numerous conferences to promote the OGC's standards and standards process. Some of these presentations are publicly available below.

Feel free to download any of these presentations. You may use any of the slides in your own presentations, but we ask that you reference the OGC and OGC copyright and the copyright of OGC member organizations responsible for the slides.

Presentations in 2014
  1. What you always wanted to know about the OGC, presented by Athina Trakas at the UNIGIS International U_Lecture webinar, 25. March 2014.
  1. Applying Open Standards in Oil Spill Responses, presented by Athina Trakas at theStandards Leadership Council Forum Paris (FRANCE), 18. January 2014.
Presentations in 2013
  1. The Open Landscape of Geospatial Information - Open Data, Open Source, Open Standards, George Percivall at ASPRS GeoTech 2013, 9 Decenber 2013
  2. Oil Spill Common Operating Picture project presented by George Percivall to Tecterra Geomatics workshop, 4 November 2013, Calgary, Alberta, CA
  3. Geospatial Trends presented by George Percivall to Tecterra Geomatics workshop, 4 November 2013, Calgary, Alberta, CA
  4. OGC Standards and Interoperability addressing Environmental Challenges, Athina Trakas at the 2nd Eurasian Forum on Innovation and Internationalization, Verona (ITALY), 17./18. October 2013.
  5. What HTML5 and REST mean to the Geo community, Raj Singh, 17 September 2013, URISA GIS-Pro
  6. "Sketching an Architecture for Agro‐geoinformatics,"  George Percivall, 13 August 2013, Agro Geo-informatics 2013
  7. Observation Integration across Disciplines in the GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot (AIP), George Percivall and Bart de Lathouwer, 23 July 2013, IGARSS, Melbourne Australia
  8. OGC: community contribution to the Interoperability Program – and benefits for the community, Athina Trakas at the 28th Geoscience Information Consortium Annual Meeting, BRGM Orléans (FRANCE), 03. June 2013.
  9. OGC Geodata Fusion Activities, George Percivall, SPIE Conference, 2 May 2013, Baltimore, MD
  10. OGC Standards im Wassermanagement und andere inhaltliche Standards, Athina Trakas at DWA Expertengespräch: GIS und GDI in der Wasserwirtschaft, Berlin (GERMANY), 26. April 2013.
  11. The Digital Agenda for Europe (DAE) - A perspective from the Open Geospatial Consortium, Athina Trakas at EUROGI's imaGIne Conference, Dublin (IRELAND), 7./8. March 2013.
Presentations in 2012
  1. Connecting "Long-tail" Scientists with Big Data Centers using SaaS, George Percivall and  Luis Bermudez, at AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, California, 5 December 2012.
  2. OGC Collaborative Platform Undercover, David Arctur, Greg Buehler, Luis Bermudez, at AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, California, 07 December 2012.
  3. Geospatial Information Standards for Human Geography, Raj Singh at Human Geography Summit, Washington DC USA, 13 November 2012.
  4. Framing a Geo Strategy for the Web with Points-Of-Interest Data, Raj Singh at Terra Cognita, Boston, MA USA, 12 November 2012.
  5. The OGC: Open Standards and Participation, Athina Trakas, enviroGRIDS Final Meeting & Black Sea Day Celebration, Batumi, GEORGIA, 30th Oct - 01. Nov 2012
  6. The OGC process and open standards: OSW, GeoSynchronization, Observation Fusion, Cross Community InteroperabilityAthina Trakas, Geospace Europe Summit 2012, Brussels, BELGIUM, 18./19. Ocotber 2012
  7. OGC Standards in the GEO/GEOSS Registry, Athina Trakas, Observe Project Final Symposium, Thessaloniki, GREECE, 15./16. Ocotber 2012
  8. OGC Water/Hydro related activities, Sylvain Grellet, OGC Standards & Environmental Policy Workshop at the INSPIRE Conference 2012, 24 June 2012.
  9. OGC: Open Standards, Programs, Processes, Athina Trakas, OGC Nordic Forum Interoperability Day, Stockholm, SWEDEN, 03. September 2012 
  10. Strengthening Disaster Management using Earth Observations: GEOSS and CEOS Activities, George Percivall, IEEE IGARSS, Munich, 25 July 2012 
  11. OGC Update for Augmented Reality, George Percivall, to AR Standards Community meeting, Geneva, 23 July 2012
  12. Emergent Forms in the Internet of Things, George Percivall, COM.Geo 2012, 2 July 2012.
  13. OGC Business Value of Open Standards, Steven Ramage, INSPIRE Conference 2012
  14. Increasing the value of Business Intelligence using Geospatial Standards, George Percivall, Location Intelligence for Enterprise conference, 14 June 2012
  15. OGC Workflow summary for EarthCube, George Percivall and David Arctur, EarthCube Workflow Working Group, 4 June 2012.
  16. OGC: Open Standards, Programs, Processes, Athina Trakas, keynote at FOSS4G-CEE in Prague, May 2012.
  17. Overview of OGC Standards, George Percivall, presented to the NOAA EDM conference  May 2012.
  18. Overview of OGC aviation activities - Rapid prototyping efforts, George Percivall, part of "Use of Open Standards in the Modernisation," a  Workshop during ATC Global, March 2012.
Presentations in 2011
  1. The Power of Open Standards, Collaboration, and Communities of Interest. Carl Reed, Workshop presented at GDI APAC, September 2011.
  2. Open Standards for Geo-Information: OGC's participatory process, by Athina Trakas at GIN Congress, Utrecht, Netherlands, 1st December 2011.
  3. Open Standards and the EO Community: processes, applications, value, by Athina Trakas at Earth Observations for the Social Benefits of the Balkans Post-GEO Workshop Istanbul, Turkey - 18.-19. Nov 2011.
  4. OGC: standards for all seasons, by Steven Ramage at LISA (Icelandic GI Association) annual conference, Reykjavik, Iceland, October 20, 2011.
  5. Sensor Web Enablement (includes SensorML tutorial), by Luis Bermudez at 26th MEETING RTCA Special Committee, 206 Plenary Aeronautical Information and Meteorological Data Link Services, Washington DC, September 20, 2011
  6. Leverage OGC capabilities of ArcGIS Server using Open Source GIS technology, by Yingqi Tang, at Esri International User Conference Technical Workshops, San Diego, CA, 14 July 2011.
  7. The critical Role of standards in SDIs, by Athina Trakas at the International Cartographic Conference, Paris (FRANCE)  July 6th 2011.
  8. Sensor Web Technology for Sharing Environmental Data Across Europe, by Peter Kjeld, EEA, at INSPIRE Conference 30 June 2011.
  9. Implementing GML, WMS and WFS in practice - a software provider's viewpoint, by Kimmo Soukki, Bentley Systems Finland, at GI Norden, 8 June 2011, Turku, Finland
  10. Geospatial Summit 2011 Budapest, by Steven Ramage, 1 June 2011, Budapest.
  11. GeoWeb on Mobile Internet , George Percivall, Keynote Presentation, COM.Geo, 24 May 2011  - Articles on COM.Geo from Directions 
  12. Expanding GeoWeb to an Internet of Things, a workshop organized by OGC  during COM.Geo 2011
  13. Desarrollo de Infraestructura de Datos Espaciales con Recursos y Estándares de OGC by Luis Bermudez at CONFIBSIG XIII, Toluca, Mexico, 26 May 2011.
  14. Collaborative, Open Source Web Capability for Testing Compliance to Geospatial Web Services Standards, by Luis Bermudez at The 2011 International Conference on Collaboration Technologies and Systems (CTS 2011), May 23, 2011.
  15. OGC Activities of Interest to IOOS Regional Associationsby Luis Bermudez at 4th Annual IOOS Regional DMAC Coordination Workshop, Silver Spring, MD, April 28.
  16. A global overview of standards actvities in emergency and disaster management by Steven Ramage at Crisis and Disaster Management 2011, Abu Dhabi, 25 April 2011.
  17. WCS 2.0 overview tutorial by Peter Baumann, MASINT / Common Sensor COI, April 2011
  18. Historical Gazetteers and Points of Interest by Raj Singh during American Association of Geographers April 2011 in Seattle, WA USA
  19. Several presentations by George Percivall during ISRSE 34, 2011 in Sydney
  20. The Power of Open Standards and Collaboration. Presentation at ISGeo Track at annual GITA Conference. April 11, 2011. Carl Reed.
  21. The OGC, Standards, and Collaboration. Keynote presentation GIS in Transportation, Hershey PA, US on March 28 2011 by Carl Reed
  22. Data Flow from Space to Earth: The role of OGC Web Service (OWS) standards in Earth Observation Market Growth. Presentation by Stefana Nativi (University of Florence and CNR-IMAA) for Steven Ramage (Open Geospatial Consortium - OGC), International Conference "Data Flow: from Space to Earth," Venice, Italy, 21 - 23rd March 2011.
  23. Standards for geospatial technology and services in cloud computing, presentation at DGI 2011, London, UK on 25 January 2011 by Steven Ramage.
  24. 3 Types of Data Fusion in OWS-8, Steven Ramage, 25 January, 2011
  25. The Crisis in Geospatial Research and Education - A preliminary review from the OGC’s Perspective , Mark Reichardt, with input from Mike Jackson, Kimon Onuma and Carston Roensdorf, 17 January 2011.
  26. Geospatial Service Architecture Viewpoints (1 slide), David Arctur, 11 January 2011.
  27. Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Overview, Steven Ramage , 7 January 2011. 
Presentations in 2010
  1. Interoperabilidad y el Valor de Estandares by Luis Bermudez at Información Geoespacial y Toma de Decisiones: Actualidad y Retos INEGI CentroGeo, Mexico, November 24, 2010.
  2. Beyond Rasters: Introducing The New Web Coverage Service 2.0, Talk at ACM SIGSPATIAL Conference, San Jose, USA on 05 November 2010 by Peter Baumann.
  3. Presentation at GSDI 12 World Congress, GSDI Association, Singapore, User-generated spatial content and the need for SDI standards, Steven Ramage, Executive Director, OGC - 20 September 2010.
  4. Keynote presentation at GSDI 12 World Congress, GSDI Association, Singapore, Enabling Technologies and Solutions, Steven Ramage, Executive Director, OGC - 20 September 2010.
  5. OGC Process for Improving Information Systems and Interoperability", by Luis Bermudez at GEOSS Workshop XXXVIII Evolution of Ocean Observing Systems:Building on Infrastructure for Science, Seattle, Washington September 19, 2010.
  6. Interoperability Program Update to SMAC, George Percivall, Executive Director, OGC Interoperability Program - 17 September 2010.
  7. Presentation at the Interagency Steering Committee on Multimedia Environmental Modeling (ISCMEM) – Annual Meeting, Vicksburg, MS, "Model Interoperability: an Open Geospatial Consortium Perspective," George Percivall, Chief Architect and Executive Director, OGC Interoperability Program, 13-16 September 2010.
  8. Two presentations from the ICAN workshop , September 13-15, 2010.
  9. Presentation to ICAN-Great Lakes Workshop on Coastal Web Atlas Madison Wisconsin, Use Cases for Geospatial Interoperability, Advancing Coastal Web Atlas Infrastructure as an OGC Project, 13-15 September 2011 – David Arctur, Director, Interoperability Programs, OGC.
  10. Presentation at the INSPIRE Conference, OpenGIS Standards and Interoperability.  How is the OGC responding to the INSPIRE needs? Athina Trakas, Director European Services, OGC, Krakow, 22nd - 25th June 2010. 
  11. Presentation at George Perkins Marsh Institute, Clark University, "Geospatial Data for Sustainability: Ensuring Universal Access ", January 2010 - Lance McKee
  12. Presentation at Automated Imagery Exploitation Conference, London UK: "OGC Standards and Imagery Exploitation/Fusion ", February 2010 - Carl Reed
  13. "OGC Overview to WMO", Presentation at meeting with WMO Secretariat, 15 March 2010, by David Arctur
  14. Presentation at the Emergency Management SDO Coordination Meeting: OGC Standards for Emergency Services  , May 2010 - George Perciviall and Carl Reed
  15. Presentation at National Technical University of Athens, OGC and Interoperability – How is OGC responding to the INSPIRE needs?, May 2010, Athina Trakas
  16. Presentation at GeoINT Middle East, OGC Presentation to GeoIntell Middle East 2010 , April 2010, Mark Reichardt
  17. "International Geospatial Standards", Presentation at EGU 2010 Town Hall session "Implementing the INSPIRE European Directive", Vienna, May 2010, by David Arctur
  18. Presentation at the Second Open Source GIS UK Conference - OSGIS 2010, University of Nottingham, UK, "OSGIS Workshop on Workflows on Earth Observation," 21-22 June 2010, Steven Ramage
  19. Presentation on OGC Interoperability Program to NOAA Interoperability, June 2010, by George Percivall.  After summarizing the Interoperability Program and its emphasis on technology maturation, several initiatives are described: GEOSS Pilot, Ocean Science IE, OWS-7 Pilot.
  20. Presentation by George Percivall of several technology topics identified by the OGC board as Ripe Issues:  System of systems, Geosciences, Geo Business Intelligence, and Mobile Internet.  Presented 21 June 2010 to the com.geo conference.
  21. Two presentations at the second Open Source GIS UK Conference, 22nd June 2010, University of Nottingham: "The Sensor Bus – Integrating Geosensors and the Sensor Web" and "Web-based Geogprocessing with Open Source Software – a 52 North perspective" by Dr. Theodor Foerster (Institute for Geoinformatics, University of Muenster) et al.
  22. "Reference Architectures and Agile Development" - a presentation to the NASA Standards Process Group Reference Architecture workshop at the ESIP Federation meeting in Knoxville, 22 July 2010 by George Percivall.
  23. "OGC Standards and 3d Data Integration", Keynote at the 2010 Web3d Consortium annual conference. 24 July, 2010 by Carl Reed.
  24. "OGC Standards and Data Integration and Fusion", Presentation at the 2010 USGS Data Integration Workshop. 10 August 2010 by Carl Reed
  25. "The Tao of Information Sharing: standards, open source and the future information ecosystem", Presentation and FOSS4G 2010 by Raj Singh
  26. "Use Cases for Geospatial Interoperability", Presentation at the ICAN-Great Lakes Workshop on Coastal Web Atlases, 14 September 2010, by David Arctur.
  27. "Advancing Coastal Atlas Infrastructure as an OGC Project", Presentation at the ICAN-Great Lakes Workshop on Coastal Web Atlases, 14 September 2010, by David Arctur.
  28. "Model Interoperability: an Open Geospatial Consortium Perspective," George Percivall, OGC,  ISCMEM – Annual Meeting, Vicksburg, MS, 13-16 September 2010  
  29. "Fusion of Remote Sensed Data and Geographic Information Using International Standards for Geoinformatics", George Percivall and David Arctur presentation at the SPIE Remote Sensing 2010 conference, Toulouse France, 21 September 2010.
  30. "SDI 4.0: Crowd-sourcing, Gov-sourcing Geographic Data via Open Geosynchronization", Raj Singh presentation at URISA GIS-Pro, Orlando, FL USA, 29 September 2010.
  31. "OGC Standards - an overview tutorial,"  George Percivall, tutorial hosted by Chinese Academies of Science, CEODE, Beijing, November 8, 2010
  32. OGC Standards and Cryosphere applications: An update. Carl Reed, presentation a the US National Snow and Ice Data Center
  33. OGC Standards and Crisis Management and Early Warning. Carl Reed presentation at the ICA-ASPRS special session on Crisis Management and Warning
  34. Web Mapping Weather Data Feeds . Bob Wilson, Bureau of Meteorology. Presentation for: AFAC-2010 Darwin. 8 Septebmer 2010
Presentations in 2009
  1. CityGML presentation slides and articles page, various authors

  2. Presentation to 4th “GRID & e-Collaboration Workshop ”,  February 2009 - George Percivall

  3. Peer-to-Peer File Sharing: An Answer to the SDI blues, Raj Singh

  4. Geospatial Standards for Earth and Space Sciences ; ESSI session at European Geosciences Union, April 2009 - presentations by multiple OGC members; session organized by Stefano Nativi and George Percivall

  5. The Need for Global Standards, at AIXM/WXXM Information Exchange, 12 May 2009, George Percivall

  6. OGC Presentation to OGC/OGF strategy session, at OGF-26, 26 May 2009, George Percivall

  7. OGC Update and Standards Activities , presented to Dept of Interior Enterprise Geospatial Information Management Workshop, May 2009.  Carl Reed

  8. OGC presentations at Intergraph 2009, 16-17 June 2009, by George Percivall
  9. OGC presentations at GSDI 11, 15-19 June, 2009

  10. OGC presentation at Interagency Steering Committee on Multimedia Environmental Models (ISCMEM ), 13-15 October 2009
  11. OGC presentation at Second Workshop on GIS/OGC Standards in Meteorology, Toulouse France, 23-25 November 2009

Presentations in 2008, the following presentations are available:

1. A new OGC Executive Overview

2. Mark Reichardt and Carl Reed plenary presentation at GSDI 10: From SDI to the Geospatial Web .

3. Carl Reed presentation to the NCOIC Architecture Committee .

4. Carl Reed keynote at the Mardis Gras Grid Conference: OGC standards and the GRID - Current activities

5. Mark Reichardt keynote at Towsen GIS (TUGIS) Conference: Socializing Best Practice for Improved Public Access and Application of Geospatial Information .

6. Carl Reed CAD-GIS-BIM Integration and Standards presentation at ASPRS 2008, Portland, Oregon

7. Carl Reed presentation on SWE Thread for OWS-5 at ASPRS 2008, Portland, Oregon

8. George Percivall presentation of SWE for Crisis Management to ISCRAM2008

9. George Percivall presentation, June 2008, on OGC Overview to EUMETSAT

10. George Percivall presentation, June 2008, OGC Standards for Geoscience

11. Sam Bacharach presentation at AIXM meeting, March 2008, AIXM Presentation

12. Sam Bacharach, DGI Middle East Presentation, April 2008, DGI Middle East OGC Update

13. Carl Reed, GeoWeb 2008 OGC Workshop, July 2008, OGC Update and Status

14. Carl Reed, Geographic Information In Science Conference 2008, OGC Standards: Enabling Collaboration in the Sciences

15. George Percivall, ASPRS GeoTech, October 2008, OGC Sensor Web Enablement

16. George Percivall, SWAN Conference , November 2008, OGC Sensor Web Enablment

17. Carl Reed, Keynote , October 2008, Taiwan GIS and SDI Conference

18  Carl Reed, OGC Sensor Web Enablement , September 2008, GIS in the Rockies

19. Carl Reed, presentation on OGC and Geosemantics , November 18 2008,  Ocean Observing Systems Semantics Interoperability Workshop, Boulder Colorado.

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