Session: Sensors Interoperability

This is a session of a GEOSS Architecture Workshop

A presentation prepared for the session includes the summary of the session on slides 24 to 26.

There will be a Sensor Web workshop for GEOSS in May 

GEOSS Access to Sensors

The Global Earth Observing System of Systems (GEOSS) is to be a global, coordinated, comprehensive and sustained system of earth observing systems. The GEOSS architecture requires that the functions of observing, processing, dissemination be achieved through interoperability specifications agreed to amongst all contributing systems.

Coordination with other GEO and related tasks:

  • CL-06-02 (Key Climate Data from Satellite Systems)
  • CL-07-01 (Seamless Weather and Climate Prediction System)
  • DA-07-04 (Sensor Web Enablement for In-Situ Observing Network Facilitation)
  • DA-07-05 (Higher Level Data Product Tools)
  • DI-06-04 (Tsunami Early Warning System of Systems)
  • DI-06-13 (Implementation of a Wildland Fire Warning System at Global Level)
  • WE-06-02 (Space-based Global Observing System for Weather)
  • CEOS WGISS Committee on Earth Observation Satellites, Working Group on Information Systems and Services)

Refining the Pilot Architecture

In 2007, an Initial Operating Capability (IOC) was established and tested for the core information infrastructure for exchange and dissemination of observations for GEOSS. The core infrastructure consists of contributed components with processes to register, discover and use services offered by the components via GEOSS Interoperability Arrangements. The IOC contains several components and services for sensors. A conclusion of the IOC phase was that refinements to the architecture for sensor information infrastructure needs to be informed by standards and best practices available in the GEO community. Refinement of the architecture are described in detail in the The Core Architecture Implementation Report.

Workshop Session

This session seeks interaction across the GEO Community to identify standards and best practices for: discovering sensors, describing sensor capabilities, requesting sensor observations, access to sensor data, and alerts for sensor related events.

Further Information

For a short introduction into OGC's Sensor Web Enablement, please have a look at the attached pdf.

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