AIP Phase 1 CFP and Responses

Call for Participation

  • A Call for Participation (CFP) in the AI Pilot was issued on 13 April 2007
  • CFP is available through GEO and OGC

Summary of CFP Responses

  • A summary document provides a summary of the Responses to a Call for Participation (CFP) in the Architecture Implementation Pilot. The CFP invited organizations to identify components and services, to participate in confirming the interoperability of the services and collaboratively demonstrate the services in societal benefit scenarios.

Organizational Responses

  • 35 responses were received. As many proposals included contributions from multiple organizations: there were over 100 organizations responding to the CFP.
  • Responses were received from government agencies, academia and national laboratories, and commercial organizations.
  • Responses were received predominantly from Europe and North America. At least one response from organizations in each of Asia, Africa and South America.
  • Responses to the Pilot CFP will continue to accepted until the Kickoff Meeting for participation in the Initial Operating Capability. After the Kickoff meeting components will be sought to complete the scenarios. The GEOSS Component Registration process will continue in parallel with the Pilot.

Interoperability Arrangements and Components

  • Consistent references to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based upon web services as defined by OASIS and W3C for both SOAP and REST styles.
  • Multiple instances of all components of the Engineering Viewpoint (CFP Annex B, Section 5) were proposed in the responses, except for GEONETCast
  • Multiple Reponses for the GEO Web Portal were received. Several responses were received for the GEOSS Clearinghouse although the technical approach needs to be further developed.

Scenarios Development

  • Disasters Reduction and Prevention of Disasters - 23 responses referenced this area
  • Ecosystem and biodiversity - 19 responses referenced this area
  • Climate Change - 14 responses referenced this area
  • Other

Architecture Development

  • Enhance and contribute to architecture as defined in CFP Annex B
  • Representation and experience with standards developing organizations
  • Representation and experience with spatial data infrastructures, INSPIRE, FGDC,
  • Comments to increase expectation to SBA support - User Interfaces, Business Processes, Data access

Organizations Responding to the CFP

GEO AI Pilot CFP responses: Mosaic of logos from organizations that responded to the GEO AI Pilot Call For Participation, April 2007GEO AI Pilot CFP responses: Mosaic of logos from organizations that responded to the GEO AI Pilot Call For Participation, April 2007